Jenday Conure: Bird Species Profile

Smart, enthusiastic, and caring little parrots, jenday conures make good animals for managers that may hang around socializing with them. Colorful as well as intelligent, these birds have actually been prominent dogs for many years. They are suitable for households with children. This welcoming and also colorful types may be an excellent fit if you’re looking for a big bird character in a compact dimension.

Species Overview
POPULAR NAMES: Jenday conure, jandaya parakeet, yellow-headed conure, firing parakeet

TAXONOMIC NAME: Aratinga jandaya

ADULT SIZE: 12 ins

LIFE EXPECTANCY: More than 30 years

Source and also History

The jenday conure is actually belonging to the woodlands, palm groves, as well as thick growth of northeastern Brazil. It prefers nesting higher in plant hollows and also normally takes a trip in tiny flocks of 30 or two birds.

Words “jenday” arises from Old Tupi, the native language coming from Brazil. It indicates “little parrot.” The bird is a guarded types; its capture as well as trade are actually prohibited.


Naturally lively and also affectionate, jenday conures may make faithful friend birds. Some jendays may become connected to a bachelor, yet a bulk must succeed along with a family unit as well as allow everybody as participants of their group.

Jendays may be extremely soft and cuddly, usually enjoying a flight on their user’s shoulder or inside their t-shirt. When it is actually opportunity for some affection, you are going to also discover that they usually really love to be actually pampered as well as are going to accept their head.

Most individuals appreciate this bird’s charm and pleasant individual. Jenday conures are actually social birds that prosper on communication. They may not be actually the most ideal selection for those that possess less than a few hrs a time to invest along with it.

Jenday conures are actually as smart as various other members of the parrot loved ones and also can know simple secrets and resemble noises.

Speech as well as Vocalizations

Conures copy individual speech like larger parrots, but most jendays don’t typically “speak.” That doesn’t mean they’re not enjoyable. Several family pet jendays find out to repeat daily family noises like telephones as well as microwaves.

A flying group of jenday conures are loud; they have a tendency to call out in the course of tour. Many conures come to be errors if they feel overlooked. A conure could be actually taken into consideration a raucous nuisance if you have close neighbors.

Jenday Conure Colors and Markings

Jenday conures possess multi-colored tuft along with a red-orange physical body and also environment-friendly airfoils and back. Its own tail has blue plumes, and the airfoils are actually rimmed with a many-colored blue at the same time. Referred to as a yellow-headed conure, it possesses a yellow scalp along with orange spots on the face.

A jenday’s beak is dark, and its shoes and also lower legs are actually gray. It is actually a monomorphic varieties, which suggests that DNA or surgical sexing is actually the only exact means to inform guys coming from females.

Generally, jenday conures are actually quite identical in dimension as well as look to sunlight conures. The easiest method to tell them apart is actually the jenday possesses green wings, while the sunshine’s airfoils are largely yellow.

Taking Care Of Jenday Conures

To maintain your bird delighted as well as tranquil, strategy to devote a lot of opportunity along with your birds. It is actually important that the bird doesn’t receive worn out or even unhappy; this may cause harmful chewing and also rowdy habits.

This is actually a little bird that would apparently accommodate inside a cockatiel cage, it requires much more room than that. It needs to be at minimum significant enough for the bird to cover its wings and also walk around with ease. If has the capability to fly in its cage, it will be actually best. These birds are actually very active and also known to acquire irritable in little rooms. The complete minimum room needs to be 3 feet long and 2 feet high and also large. If you pick to keep a set, the crate needs to be actually dual its measurements.

Jenday conure pairs typically keep their caring, well-trained household pet attributes if each birds obtain proper attention. They can likewise be actually housed with one more kind of conure, specifically sun, gold-capped, as well as blue-crowned conures. Pair of conure types can easily interbreed, however, hybridization taints an already restricted genetics swimming pool; it is certainly not highly recommended. If a mix between a sunlight conure as well as jenday occurs, the combination is phoned a “sunday.”.

Common Health Problems.

Jenday conures are actually robust birds that can swiftly adapt to property lifestyle. These birds are still vulnerable to numerous conditions:.

  • Proventricular extension illness (a viral problem having an effect on the gastrointestinal system).
  • Psittacine beak and also feather illness (a catastrophic viral health condition that affects the beak, feathers, and also body immune system).
  • Psittacosis (bacterial breathing disease).
  • Beak malocclusion (overgrown beak).
  • Aspergillosis (fungus disease).
  • Indications that signify this bird may be sick include sleepiness, anorexia nervosa, difficulty breathing, and feather-loss or even plucking. A lot of these health conditions are easily treatable. If frustrating signs shear up, see an avian veterinarian.

Daily diet as well as Nutrition.

Pet birds will certainly have a better chance of meeting their dietary criteria if they get a lot of range in their diet regimens.

In the untamed, jenday conures mainly overindulge on fruit product, nuts, and seeds. In captivity, they need to have a balanced, pelleted diet nutritional supplemented along with almonds, seeds, and new fruit product and also vegetables.

Completely clean their meals bowls and cage frequently to prevent gear box of parasitic contaminations. Conures are so active that being overweight is typically not as huge of a problem as it is along with various other animal parrots.


Like various other conures, jendays need to have ample area to fly, check out, as well as action. Permit your bird a minimum required of two hrs outside of its own cage on a daily basis. The birds will definitely know to hang out on a play stand adorned with ropes, toys, and also various other intriguing bird-safe novelties. Make sure the out-of-cage time is in a region free of dangers like felines or various other pets, ceiling enthusiasts, or even open doors or even windows to the outside world. You perform not yearn for an unintentional bird escape.

Inside the cage, set up your bird along with lots of exciting tasks. A swing is a need to as these little parrots will rapidly make it their property roost. Ladders, alarms, as well as ropes are going to additionally offer a jungle gym experience.

Perform certainly not overlook to receive chew toys; they are voracious chewers and also require to exercise their beaks on acceptable traits instead of the crate, your furnishings, or even power cables. Timber toys and divisions switched out regularly ought to maintain the bird engaged.

Where to Adopt or even Buy a Jenday Conure.

Prior to you use a jenday, talk to your local creatures and also video game authorizations concerning any kind of legal constraints on this types. Some places require a license to maintain all of them while others may disallow all of them outright. In the United States, it is illegal to have one in New Jersey.

When opting for a bird, it is best to decide on a hand-fed baby or even at least a young bird that has been actually managed regularly. The normal price for some of these birds is $600.

Steer clear of a bird that is actually sitting silently with puffed feathers; it might be actually ill. The bird’s feathers must be shiny and hassle-free and lay down flat on the body system. The plumes around the vent/cloaca (position where bird expels feces as well as pee) need to be actually clean, completely dry, and also free of charge of undigested issue.

Internet rescues, adoption organizations, as well as breeders where you can discover jenday conures feature:.

  • Burge Bird Rescue.
  • Petfinder.
  • Bird Breeders.

Colorful as well as intelligent, these birds have been actually prominent household pets for lots of years. If you’re looking for a major bird personality in a small dimension, this pleasant as well as vibrant species might be actually a really good fit.

The bird is a shielded species; its squeeze and trade are banned.

Jenday conures are social birds that flourish on interaction. Jenday conure pairs usually maintain their caring, well-trained animal characteristics if both birds acquire proper focus.