Bronze-Winged Pionus

The bronze-winged pionus is actually a short-tailed, stocky, medium-size parrot along with one-of-a-kind color patterns. A gentle bird with a pleasant personality, it is actually usually a relaxed companion. This parrot may be a great selection for novice bird managers. And also it also may make an outstanding family members animal, as the types is less likely to attack than many some others type of parrots.

Species Overview
POPULAR NAMES: Bronze-winged pionus, bronze-winged parrot

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Pionus chalcopterus

ADULT SIZE: 11 to 12 inches in span as well as 7 to 9 ounces in body weight typically

EXPECTATION OF LIFE: 25 to 40 years along with effective treatment

Beginning and History

Like many other types of pionus parrots, the bronze-winged pionus comes from South America. It is actually particularly discovered in the Andes of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, as well as Venezuela. These birds prefer to devote their time in moist, forested regions rather than plains. They just like to find shelter and also cover in the leaves.


The bronze-winged pionus is recognized for having a tranquil character for a parrot. This often makes the species a superb selection for apartment occupants, along with for households with children.

If you are fascinated in taking on one of these birds, create sure you can dedicate a few hours each day to participating in and also communicating along with your household pet. If you do not, the bird might end up being dismayed and also hotel to undesirable behaviors, such as self-mutilating feather tweezing or even skin picking.

Some bronze-winged pionus usually tend to come to be one-person birds, presenting severe devotion to one or a number of individuals and also shunning attention coming from other people. If you take on a youthful bronze-winged pionus, your whole loved ones must socialize with the bird regularly to lessen the chance of the kind of habits.

These parrots are rather smart, though only some will wind up learning how to resemble words and sounds along with constant instruction. This varieties is not known to become a loud noisemaker or even a large talker.

Speech as well as Vocalizations

Thought about one of the quieter parrots, bronze-winged pionus have a docile predisposition. With a bit of patient instruction, your dog may learn to imitate some basic sounds.

Bronze-Winged Pionus Colors and Markings

These birds have mainly darker bluish-purple tuft peppered along with pink and white feathers under their jaws and also on their upper bodies. The feathers on their shoulders and also backs are mostly a bronze-green shade, providing these birds their name.

Taking care of the Bronze-Winged Pionus

These parrots are certainly not extremely sizable, however you need to still set up your feathery friend along with the most extensive accommodations you can deal with. A medium-size cage (at least 24 inches by 24 ins through 36 ins) is acceptable, though these enthusiastic birds would enjoy an also much larger room to extend their wings and also move around. Give playthings to maintain them captivated; this species is actually specifically keen on swings.

Numerous pionus parrots delight in frequent bathtubs and also water play. They also appreciate entering the shower with you. Regular taking a bath helps to maintain their tuft healthy.

Common Health Problems

The bronze-winged pionus is a pretty healthy and balanced bird. However, it appears to become much more vulnerable than several other types to obtaining aspergillosis, a fungus infection that influences the breathing system. The major indicator of the disease is hefty, labored breathing.

Diet as well as Nutrition

In bush, bronze-winged pionus prosper on fruits, seeds, as well as bugs. And also in bondage, the bronze-winged pionus performs best on a diet regimen that features top notch seeds and also pellets, nutritional supplemented with a range of fresh meals, consisting of vegetables, some almonds, grains, as well as fruits. Consult your veterinarian for the optimal diet regimen for your personal bird.

Slice them in to bite-size parts that your bird can take care of. If you possess a particular eater that performs certainly not prefer to attempt new fruit products as well as veggies, eat them in face of your parrot till it ignites the bird’s enthusiasm.


Bronze-winged pionus are actually incredibly active birds. They require 3 to four hrs beyond the cage every day to exercise and function their muscles. A selection of bird-safe playthings will certainly help to keep your parrot kept while it is actually in its crate. Deliver another collection of playthings during its own out-of-cage opportunity for additional mental as well as physical excitement.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Bronze-Winged Pionus

To find even more about what it’s like to cope with a bronze-winged pionus, check out a local breeder or aviculture community. Ask about a monitoring at their establishment to hang out with a prospective pet bird. If you plan to get one from a breeder, a hand-tamed younger bird can easily cost around $900.

Look for a bird that is actually bright, sharp, as well as active. Avoid a bird that is resting silently with puffed feathers; it could be ill. The bird’s feathers need to be actually hassle-free and also glossy as well as put down flat on its body system. The plumes around the vent/cloaca (the opening where the bird ejects feces as well as urine) ought to be actually well-maintained and dry. The ranges on its own feet must lie. Create certain its nails are in really good situation, and also its beak is smooth and also well-shaped. And also, its own nostrils should be actually simple and clear.

If you are actually curious in using one of these birds, bring in certain you can dedicate a handful of hrs each time to participating in and also interacting along with your household pet. The plumes on their shoulders and also backs are primarily a bronze-green color, providing these birds their name. The bronze-winged pionus is a fairly healthy and balanced bird. If you possess a picky eater that does certainly not want to make an effort fresh fruit products as well as vegetables, consume all of them in face of your parrot up until it ignites the bird’s interest.

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