Best 5 Sleeper Sofas Of 2016

It’s great to entertain guests such as friends and family at ones home, and often it will be necessary to put them up for the night. Many people enjoy the luxury of having huge homes with many spare bedrooms with which to do this, but most people have to make do with limited space.

best sleeper sofa 2017

This is when it is a great advantage to have the option of a sleeper sofa. By day this star of the furniture world functions as a fashionable couch in common space, but by night it can magically transform into a comfortable bed.

These versatile pieces of furniture come in a wide variety of shapes, types, and colors, and it can be hard to choose the right one. So, what are some of the options you should be looking for in a good sleeper sofa? What are some of the top sleeper sofas of 2016? Lets find out.

What are some options to look out for 2016?

Since the sleeper sofa will function as a regular couch most of the time, you will want it to be an attractive piece of furniture that complements the other pieces of furniture in the room. Many sleeper sofas offer comfortable options like cup holders and some even have sections that recline to offer additional comfort. This is definitely something to be desired.

Sleeper sofas are available in a wide variety of fabrics, so this is another option to be weighed. Many feature soft fabric finishes such as cotton or microfiber. Other come in a variety of good looking and durable leathers. The options are quite plentiful 2016.

Another thing to consider is the overall size of the bed contained within the sofa. Bigger sofas generally contain larger sleeper beds, with some even coming in king size.

Sleeper sofas often feature different types of mattresses, some of which are quite luxurious. This will be important for the comfort of your guests.
Price is an important consideration as well. Just because a sleeper sofa is big, luxurious, sturdy, and comfortable does not mean that it should break the bank. Many good quality designs are available for under $1000.

What are some of the top sleeper sofas of 2016


1. Coaster Futon Sofa Bed

Coaster Futon Sofa BedOne of the top sellers so far this year is the Coaster Futon Sofa Bed. This sofa bed comes in a warm brown vinyl finish. It weighs in at only 97 pounds, and so is very easy to move. At 76 by 36 inches, its a great option if space is an issue, and the list price of $332.00 makes it quite affordable.

2.Milton Greens Click Clack

Tis is another fine model and It comes clad in a warm and comfortable microfiber coat, which makes cleaning it a breeze. It has a sleek modern design, and transforms from sofa to bed very quickly and easily. It also is a great option for homes with space limitations, and the price of $264.00 is a sure winner.

3. Handy Living Convert a Couch

Another great option. This sleeper sofa is another stain resistant microfiber beauty. It is a fairly large sofa, and because of this is has the space to accommodate up to 2 people on the mattress.

Handy Living Convert a Couch

When in couch form, it features reclining seats for extra comfort, and despite its size it converts to a bed easily. At just $463.00, its a steal.

4. Homelegance Convertible

This sleeper sofa comes in a comfy black vinyl, and features cup holders and magazine pockets when in couch form. In contains a pull out bed, but the seat itself actually reclines to create a comfortable sleep platform if that option is preferred. At only $586.00 it is well worth the price.

Homelegance Convertible

5. Contemporary Armless Convertible Sofa

This has an interesting design. It is armless, and the central back cushion folds down to reveal an armrest and cupholders. When its time to sleep, the the entire back cushion drops down to form a comfortable and roomy bed. Its dark brown color and price of $393.00 are equally attractive.

These a just a few of the many models of sofa beds which are available, but if you keep in mind some of things you need to look for in a good one, you will be in good shape.