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Tips for Choosing a Quality Sofa Bed

A sleeper bed is one handy piece of furniture that every squeezed home should consider owning. Sofa beds can be used for various reasons especially when there are lots of visitors but no rooms to contain all. When budgeting for one, remember the following guidelines to help you choose the one that suits you best.

1. Mattress quality

A good quality mattress is one of the key players to a sweet good night sleep. Most sleeper sofas are distinguished by type, quality, and the material used to manufacture these mattresses.

Go for what best suits your needs and matches your style and comfortably supporting the most important parts of your body giving you optimum rest. There are three main types of mattresses: Air-over-coil mattresses, Cotton/polyester fill, Foam mattresses, and Innerspring mattresses.

2. Style

Choose the perfect style for your need or one that matches your room. Sofa beds are classified into three different distinct sizes. They are:

— Futon sleeper sofa – This is the simplest version. It is built with a cushion on top of a wooden or metal frame and can either be folded and used as a seat or unfolded to serve as a bed.

— Sleeper chair – This specifically hosts one person at a go. A sleeper chair can fold out to become a twin-sized bed but offer better style option when compared to a futon.

— Pullout couch – This one has the capability to both operate as a comfy full-time full-size normal sofa and a king-size bed at the same time. This is ideal for people with a large space and is found in different style and size.

3. Testing before purchasing

While still in the shop, try open and close it. Examine: how does it operate? How fast is it? How does it feel? Is it strenuous opening it? You can also take the chance to lie on it, see the quality of the mattress and how it feels in different sleeping positions.

4. Sofa open and close mechanism

Sofa beds function differently when considering how they are opened and closed due to different brands, manufacturers, and designs. Whilst still in the stores, try opening or get to go through some reviews on similar products. Check for its usability, convenience, and mechanisms used for folding and unfolding.

5. Weight of the sleeper sofa

A sofa bed is typically a sofa with a mattress inside it that can be unfolded during its time of need. This combination can really cause the entire product to be actually heavy. Think of what you can move with ease rather than what will risk you back for just pushing it to the corner.

6. Is it the right size?

sofa bedsMost people go wrong by committing their rooms to what they cannot handle. Even before visiting the stores, the first step is to analyze your room and have some basic questions such as: where is the sofa bed going to be placed?

Is there any other furniture being affected or affecting the installation? What size is my room? Always consider taking proper measurements and carrying them with you to ensure you will purchase a sofa that your room can accommodate.

7. Maintenance

Poor maintenance can turn a week old product into a decade old product in looks. Go for what you can easily maintain, care for and clean with ease. With simple care and maintenance, a sleeper bed can really last for years without aging its looks.