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Tips for Choosing a Quality Sofa Bed

A sleeper bed is one handy piece of furniture that every squeezed home should consider owning. Sofa beds can be used for various reasons especially when there are lots of visitors but no rooms to contain all. When budgeting for one, remember the following guidelines to help you choose the one that suits you best.

1. Mattress quality

A good quality mattress is one of the key players to a sweet good night sleep. Most sleeper sofas are distinguished by type, quality, and the material used to manufacture these mattresses.

Go for what best suits your needs and matches your style and comfortably supporting the most important parts of your body giving you optimum rest. There are three main types of mattresses: Air-over-coil mattresses, Cotton/polyester fill, Foam mattresses, and Innerspring mattresses.

2. Style

Choose the perfect style for your need or one that matches your room. Sofa beds are classified into three different distinct sizes. They are:

— Futon sleeper sofa – This is the simplest version. It is built with a cushion on top of a wooden or metal frame and can either be folded and used as a seat or unfolded to serve as a bed.

— Sleeper chair – This specifically hosts one person at a go. A sleeper chair can fold out to become a twin-sized bed but offer better style option when compared to a futon.

— Pullout couch – This one has the capability to both operate as a comfy full-time full-size normal sofa and a king-size bed at the same time. This is ideal for people with a large space and is found in different style and size.

3. Testing before purchasing

While still in the shop, try open and close it. Examine: how does it operate? How fast is it? How does it feel? Is it strenuous opening it? You can also take the chance to lie on it, see the quality of the mattress and how it feels in different sleeping positions.

4. Sofa open and close mechanism

Sofa beds function differently when considering how they are opened and closed due to different brands, manufacturers, and designs. Whilst still in the stores, try opening or get to go through some reviews on similar products. Check for its usability, convenience, and mechanisms used for folding and unfolding.

5. Weight of the sleeper sofa

A sofa bed is typically a sofa with a mattress inside it that can be unfolded during its time of need. This combination can really cause the entire product to be actually heavy. Think of what you can move with ease rather than what will risk you back for just pushing it to the corner.

6. Is it the right size?

sofa bedsMost people go wrong by committing their rooms to what they cannot handle. Even before visiting the stores, the first step is to analyze your room and have some basic questions such as: where is the sofa bed going to be placed?

Is there any other furniture being affected or affecting the installation? What size is my room? Always consider taking proper measurements and carrying them with you to ensure you will purchase a sofa that your room can accommodate.

7. Maintenance

Poor maintenance can turn a week old product into a decade old product in looks. Go for what you can easily maintain, care for and clean with ease. With simple care and maintenance, a sleeper bed can really last for years without aging its looks.

5 Top Comfortable Sleeper Sofas on Market

You do not know the importance of a comfortable sleeper sofa until you are a guest in someone’s home and are forced to sleep on a small, hard, leather one that squeaks and purrs like a cat. To choose the best sleeper sofa for your guests you need to carefully consider every single detail of it before settling.

Today stores are filled with thousands of designer sleeper furniture but how will you know which one is the best? Will you go for the one that folds out into lounging chairs with a backrest, or the one that has futons and a head rest made out of the soft top or will you settle for the one with inflatable airbags underneath the cushions?

Here is a guide on knowing exactly which brand of sleeper sofa is best for you.

Raymour & Flanigan Trent Leather Full Sleeper Sofa

This majestic piece of furniture will definitely impress you on the first appearance with its smooth leather and shiny fabric. It’s carefully crafted hardwood and multilayered plywood are a strong and durable; built to last for years.

raymour flanigan sofa

You should, however, know that customers have complained of the uncharacteristically thin mattress inside which defeats its purpose. To be comfortable sleeping on it you have to add more pillows on top. It costs between $1,100- $1,300 which is not too bad.

Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress and sofa bed

Now, this is one uniquely comfortable sofa bed. Unlike the others, this one serves as a floor mat and can also be unfolded to become a queen-sized sleeper sofa. Even better, the Milliard foam sleeper is highly portable and can be used for picnics, camping trips or vacations.

Milliard Folding Mattress and sofa bed

It is made with high-density foam that makes it a comfortable sleeper sofa. So if you want something durable for all your get-togethers and sleepovers, this is it. The Milliard sells for $139 on Amazon, which is a pretty amazing deal.

JCPenney Midnight Slumber Full Sleeper Sofa

This specific piece of furniture has been called ‘world class’ by many owing to its beautifully knotted back cushions and its straight arms that give it a more upright look. This is definitely the best choice, especially for a small living room space.

jcpenny sleeper sofa

A few people have however said that the couch pillows are too hard and uncomfortable but I after a few months of using it, this should not be a problem. It currently sells for $2,295, which is quite pricey for a couch that size.

La-Z-Boy Leah Supreme Comfort Full Sleeper

This is one of the new entrants in the sleeper sofa world coming in many different shades and patterns. With box seats and gently roll arms, this piece of furniture will make your small space seem larger. The simple couch comes with two matching accent pillows that can easily be used as throw pillows to add more spice to a room. You can buy it at $1,279 in select stores.

That said, when choosing comfortable sleeper sofa look at the price, upholstery style and have a feel of how cozy the foam feels when you sit or sleep on it. If those three are good then you can accent your home with the piece of furniture.

Sectional Sleeper Sofa : Four Reasons to Buy

If you are buying or you already own a best sleeper sofa which is sectional, you definitely have a bargain. Sectional sofas offer the owner a level of flexibility and comfort that the normal sofas might not be able to.

Arranging a Sectional Sofa

Most sectional sofas take the L-shape. Others can be longer and more in number and thus take the U-shape. However it comes, one thing is for sure, all the people sitting on it will be focusing on a certain range of angle.

sectional sleeper sofa

The sectional part can be arranged so that the people sitting face a coffee table or a set of such tables.

If your room is synonymous with people who like to have something to drink or a snack to bite, this is the best option. It gives everyone a chance to access the table(s) at arms length.

sectional sofa

Alternatively, if the room is designed for a fireplace, the sectional can be arranged to face the fire point so that everyone can get a piece of the warmth. This is also the case for TV access. It is usually advisable not to break up the sectional sofa as the room might end up looking incomplete.

Why a Sectional Sofa is Better

The pros of a sectional sofa emphasize why owning one is a good idea.

1. It is easy to rearrange

A sectional sofa has less hustle in terms of carrying it around in case there is a need to rearrange the look of the whole room. This is because it is made to have sections which are vey easy to move from one place to another.

sleeper sofa sectional

2. It can accommodate many people

A sectional sofa lacks the break up points that other models have. Such break up points usually take up the space that would otherwise be used by an extra person. The fact that a sectional remains continuous offers a bigger sitting space.

3. It is easy to have a focal point

The sectional usually has focus on a certain angle range. This means that when people have sat and filled up all the spaces, there is a certain focal point that they have their view range within.

During arrangement, this feature makes it easy to establish the ideal place for a TV, a fireplace, a beer counter and other focal points.

4. Most have added features

Most of the sectional sofas come with complementary features that make the whole experience more comfortable. Some come with collapsible arms that can be sat on, others come with extra cushions that can allow somebody to use on the floor while others are collapsible themselves and can be used as beds.

sleeper sofa mattress

Apart from the fact that they require plenty of room, there are hardly any demerits of sectional sofas. Some owners of best sleeper sofas talk of how it can increase or decrease the size of a room depending on how you arrange it. Therefore, a sectional can give your room whichever look you desire; just figure out how to arrange it.

Best 3 Sleeper Sofas for 2017 and its Alternatives

Whether you have been thinking about changing your worn out old sofa, or if your uneven old sofa has been causing troubles lately, or simply for the reason that your new place doesn’t have enough space, best sleeper sofa is the way to go.

So, when you have guests at home, you or your guest no longer have to spend sleepless nights on that bumpy sofa of yours because we are going to discuss about some of the best sleeper sofas you can find on market today, which can easily accommodate two individuals.

When it comes to the best sleeper sofa, you will be able to find a lot of different models in retail as well as online stores. It is important that you find one that best matches your needs and budget. The sleeper sofas we have listed down are of different price ranges, so it will be easy for you to choose one based on your expectations.

Handy Living Sleeper Sofa

This best sleeper sofa from Handy Living is a great option available for you. Made of stain resistant microfiber, this model is large enough to accommodate two individuals easily.

Its wooden legs are of good quality, the arms are smooth and extremely comfortable, and the sleeper sofa comes with two pillows, all of which together make this sofa one of the most comfy and durable models. The pricing of this sofa varies depending on the color you choose; the colors include: mocha, sage, dark brown, and red.

Leggett & Platt Sofa Bed

The Leggett & Platt full size mattress is another best sleeper sofa that is made completely of hypoallergenic materials, and hence is perfect for those of you with dust allergies or asthma.

Handy Living Sleeper Sofa

Unlike many other sleeper sofa models in the market, this model can be inflated within a fraction of minutes, and comes with an electric hand pump that is extremely easy to handle. Priced slightly lower than the previous sofa bed, this one can be a great addition to your home.

Café Blend Full Sleeper Sofa

If you don’t mind spending some extra bucks for a good quality, extremely comfortable best sleeper sofa, then the Full Sleeper Sofa designed by Café Blend will be the ideal choice for you. In addition to looking great in your living room because of its contemporary design, this sofa is made of highly durable materials and requires only minimal assembly.

Other alternatives to top 3 best sleep sofas above

Air mattresses

There are many alternatives to a best sleeper sofa, some of which include air mattresses, click convertibles, and futons.

Air mattressesWhen it comes to air mattresses, though most models are not as expensive as traditional spring or foam mattresses, this alternative carries a few disadvantages. The built-in pumps of these mattresses usually need replacement after being used on a daily basis. Also, air mattresses take somewhere between thirty and sixty minutes to assemble.

One other major disadvantage is that, most of these mattresses come with a limited warranty; therefore, when there is a need for repair, you will have to pay for it on your own, and the repair costs will usually be equal to buying a new replacement.


Futons, similar to a best sleeper sofa, can be a great space saving option to traditional sofas and beds you have at home. Despite the product being available in different sizes, the only comfortable and beneficial size happens to be Full.


A major downside of using this alternative is that the level of comfort and support offered by futons are nowhere near a mattress or sleeper sofa. If you don’t have any sort of pain in your back, then futon may be a good choice for you.

Click convertibles

Click convertibles, as the name implies, can be changed to different positions easily and quickly. Even though this model can be more comfortable and offers better support than traditional futons, it still cannot offer the same level of support offered by a sleeper sofa or sofa bed.

It is quite difficult to find furniture that is multi-functional, yet comfortable and affordable at the same time. When it comes to buying the best sleeper sofa, you should look for something that meets all your requirements as well as delivers the right value for the amount you pay. Even if you have to spend slightly higher amount of money, make sure that the sleeper sofa model you choose offers best support and comfort.

Let’s Compare Best 5 Sofa Beds of 2017

Sofa beds are an essential part of every home. Like the name suggests, it is a furniture that combines two furniture pieces into one: a sofa as well as a bed neatly tucked under the seat cushions.

A sofa bed provides extra sleeping space for unexpected over-nighters and relatives in transit. Sofa beds have come a long way over the years from the sleeper sofas that would give one a stiff neck to stylish sofas of nowadays that allow you to have a good night sleep. They grace your living room elegantly as sofas by the day and magically transform into comfortable beds at night.

best sofa beds

Most people will consider buying a sofa bed at some point in their lives. The sleeper beds come in all designs, sizes and material as well as cost and choosing one can be quite a task. The following pointers will make the process a little bit easier.

1. Quality and types of the sofa beds

It is one of the most important considerations when buying a sofa bed as it needs to withstand wear and tear based on the frequency of use. The mattress also needs to be comfortable enough to have a good night sleep. Also, there several types like futons, pull-out sofa beds, folding beds, or convertible sofa beds. Prices vary depending on the quality and types of the bed.

2. Size of the sleeper couchs

The sofa bed also needs to be in a size that will fit through your door as well as fit in the sleeping area. Most people get a sofa bed to economize on space as it serves two purposes. It therefore needs to be the right size to compliment the room while still offering a good night’s sleep. It could be queen-size or simple leather sofa bed.

Coaster futons

Top 5 sofa beds 2017

Based on the above factors, the following are top five sofa beds that are easy to convert into a bed, durable, stylist and space saving at very competitive prices that offer you value for money.

1. Coaster futon : leather sofa bed

This sofa bed is one of the top selling sofa bed. The finish is brown vinyl and it weighs 97 pounds. The light weight and its narrow dimensions of 76 by 36 inches makes it ideal for small spaces. It is priced at $332 US dollars making it very affordable.

2. Handy living convert a couch

Handy living convert a couchThis sofa bed win in terms of space as its large enough to accommodate two people. Its cover is stain resistant keeping it looking as good as new.

The best thing is that it has reclining seats while in its sofa form making it comfortable and is easy to convert into a bed and retails at only $463.

3. Home elegance convertible

This sofa bed is elegant in its black vinyl. It has cup holders and magazine holders that are useable in its couch form. It can be used as a bed by reclining the seat or pulling out the bed depending on the preferred option. It retails at only $586 which makes it very affordable for the perks it offers.

4. Intex pull-out inflatable sofa bed

This bed is fairly easy to convert from sofa to bed and is made of vinyl of very high quality. It is designed to fit even in the small spaces due to its versatility. This bed is dynamic and can be used indoors and outdoors as well.

You can use it to read, watch TV, sleep or even relax while sitting up. It has a comfortable backrest and armrests and most customers find its versatility satisfying and the price unbeatable. Its disadvantage is its constant need for re-inflation every so often but its price of $54.99 is unbeatable.

5. DHP convertible linen futon

This sofa can be converted into a bed or lounger with ease. It has a chrome metal frame and firm cushions making it a durable investment. The downside is its lack of a headboard though it can be placed next to the wall for comfort. It’s relatively cheap and retails at $159 on Amazon.

DHP convertible linen futon

Having a sofa bed despite not having a guest room means that you can entertain your friends and have them sleep over without any problems. A sofa bed should not only offer comfort but be stylish and elegant enough for the living room.

Most people consider quality, price and comfort when choosing a sofa bed making sofa beds that fulfill the above requirements the best in the market. The above list contains just a few of the many models available but with gives you enough pointers to make your shopping experience a success.

Pros and Cons : Sofa Beds, Sectional, Chesterfield Sofa and Recliners

Purchasing a sofa is one of the major investments that you’ll make pertaining to your home. As such, with the high costs associated with a sofa, it pays to know the different types of sofa that are available on the market, along with some pros and cons about them so that you can choose the best sofa.

You can use this information to determine if a specific type of sofa may be an ideal fit for your particular circumstance. Here is a guide on 5 of the best sofa.

Electrical/Non-Electrical Recliners

Pros : When it comes to choosing a recliner, one of the number one problems people face is whether or not they should purchase an electric or traditional recliner. As far as the electrical recliners go, they don’t break as often as traditional recliners do.


Cons : But alternatively, they tend to be a lot more expensive and are inoperable if the power goes out. Another con about electrical sofas is the fact that a new power pack can cost as much as $200 and up. One of the most popular brands of electrical and non electrical recliners that have been receiving a continuous stream of positive reviews is La-Z-Boy.

Sofa Beds

Pros : If you have limited spacing within your home, but invite close friends and family members on a regular basis, a sofa bed might be the best sofa for this situation.

Some of the pros with this type of sofa is the fact that it works great in restricted spaces such as a studio, it serves as a sofa during the day and a bed at night and it can be used to accommodate guests that wish to spend the night.

sofa beds

Cons : Some of the problems that many homeowners face with them though, are the fact that they are very bulky and heavy, do not match the comfort of a regular bed and may require a great deal of effort to utilize it for it’s intended purposes such as pulling the mattress out. You can easily find a sofa bed at popular retailers such as Target and IKEA.

Sectional Sofa

Pros : One of the other problems many homeowners face is choosing in between a traditional 2 piece sofa set or a sectional.

A sectional can be a great type of sofa to utilize if you have a large room. It can also be an obvious choice if you like the concept of a “surround view”, or if the room has a unique shape.

sectional sofa

Cons : But one of the problems with sectionals are that they can prove to be extremely difficult to move around, so if you like to rearrange a lot or if you intend to buy a variety of other furniture such as a few coffee tables, then a sectional may not be the best sofa choice.

Companies such as Bob’s Discount Furniture and Macy’s are notoriously known for their elegant selection of sectionals.

Chesterfield Sofa

Pros : Chesterfield sofas are notoriously known for their ‘tufted’ style. Some of these types of sofas only come with a tufted design on the back and arms while some come with a tufted design on the seating bench as well. In general, they are extremely beautiful and can bring out the aura of the room.

chesterfield sofa

Cons : But, it’s also worth noting, that they tend to be less comfortable than other sofas and tend to be more expensive as well. When it comes to the best companies that are known for producing beautiful chesterfield sofas, you should try the selections that Chesterfield Sofa Company and The Original Sofa Company have to offer.

Camel Back Sofas

Pros : The camel back sofa’s main feature that stands out amongst other sofas is the fact that it has a higher back in the center which gradually descends in a line, unto the arms.

Another design feature that makes this type of sofa standout is the fact that they usually feature wooden legs. This may be an ideal solution if your home features a variety of antique elements.

camel back sofas

Cons : The major problem with this type of sofa though, is the fact that if you are a tall individual and you plan to lie back with your arms out on this sofa, you may find that it’s extremely uncomfortable to do so, due to its wooden back frame.

When it comes to finding a reliable manufacturer for these types of sofas, Raymour & Flanigan, Wayfair and Ethan Allen, have all proven that they have an eye for antique designs, as many critics agree that they are able to convey that “antique look” in all of their camel back sofas.