Let’s Compare Best 5 Sofa Beds of 2017

Sofa beds are an essential part of every home. Like the name suggests, it is a furniture that combines two furniture pieces into one: a sofa as well as a bed neatly tucked under the seat cushions.

A sofa bed provides extra sleeping space for unexpected over-nighters and relatives in transit. Sofa beds have come a long way over the years from the sleeper sofas that would give one a stiff neck to stylish sofas of nowadays that allow you to have a good night sleep. They grace your living room elegantly as sofas by the day and magically transform into comfortable beds at night.

best sofa beds

Most people will consider buying a sofa bed at some point in their lives. The sleeper beds come in all designs, sizes and material as well as cost and choosing one can be quite a task. The following pointers will make the process a little bit easier.

1. Quality and types of the sofa beds

It is one of the most important considerations when buying a sofa bed as it needs to withstand wear and tear based on the frequency of use. The mattress also needs to be comfortable enough to have a good night sleep. Also, there several types like futons, pull-out sofa beds, folding beds, or convertible sofa beds. Prices vary depending on the quality and types of the bed.

2. Size of the sleeper couchs

The sofa bed also needs to be in a size that will fit through your door as well as fit in the sleeping area. Most people get a sofa bed to economize on space as it serves two purposes. It therefore needs to be the right size to compliment the room while still offering a good night’s sleep. It could be queen-size or simple leather sofa bed.

Coaster futons

Top 5 sofa beds 2017

Based on the above factors, the following are top five sofa beds that are easy to convert into a bed, durable, stylist and space saving at very competitive prices that offer you value for money.

1. Coaster futon : leather sofa bed

This sofa bed is one of the top selling sofa bed. The finish is brown vinyl and it weighs 97 pounds. The light weight and its narrow dimensions of 76 by 36 inches makes it ideal for small spaces. It is priced at $332 US dollars making it very affordable.

2. Handy living convert a couch

Handy living convert a couchThis sofa bed win in terms of space as its large enough to accommodate two people. Its cover is stain resistant keeping it looking as good as new.

The best thing is that it has reclining seats while in its sofa form making it comfortable and is easy to convert into a bed and retails at only $463.

3. Home elegance convertible

This sofa bed is elegant in its black vinyl. It has cup holders and magazine holders that are useable in its couch form. It can be used as a bed by reclining the seat or pulling out the bed depending on the preferred option. It retails at only $586 which makes it very affordable for the perks it offers.

4. Intex pull-out inflatable sofa bed

This bed is fairly easy to convert from sofa to bed and is made of vinyl of very high quality. It is designed to fit even in the small spaces due to its versatility. This bed is dynamic and can be used indoors and outdoors as well.

You can use it to read, watch TV, sleep or even relax while sitting up. It has a comfortable backrest and armrests and most customers find its versatility satisfying and the price unbeatable. Its disadvantage is its constant need for re-inflation every so often but its price of $54.99 is unbeatable.

5. DHP convertible linen futon

This sofa can be converted into a bed or lounger with ease. It has a chrome metal frame and firm cushions making it a durable investment. The downside is its lack of a headboard though it can be placed next to the wall for comfort. It’s relatively cheap and retails at $159 on Amazon.

DHP convertible linen futon

Having a sofa bed despite not having a guest room means that you can entertain your friends and have them sleep over without any problems. A sofa bed should not only offer comfort but be stylish and elegant enough for the living room.

Most people consider quality, price and comfort when choosing a sofa bed making sofa beds that fulfill the above requirements the best in the market. The above list contains just a few of the many models available but with gives you enough pointers to make your shopping experience a success.